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About Us

The team here at<>Double Diamond<> is dedicated to helping our horses and kids heal, so their hearts can trust again.

God blessed us with horses to provide a way of escape from the harshness of the world. We hope that everyone visiting the ranch will experience the peace and joy that we love so much !

Founder, Director, Melody Diamond

Melody's passion for God and horses has opened the door for this ministry to become a reality. All the credit goes to our Mighty, Awesome Heavenly Father! who does far beyond what we could think or imagine.

We are focused on making sure that each child feels safe, secure, and loved when they come to visit the ranch. This means

1- child, 1- horse, 1- leader, while the child is in the program. This ensures that each child gets the personal attention needed for a bond to form and allow God to work miracles!

Mom and Grandma, Fern Diamond

I've got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart ! Yeah ! Fern is our Music Minister, Bible Teacher, Encourager.. She brings to this ministry a history of music that is loved far and wide. Her joy is contagious and she shares the love of God to everyone she meets.

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Fern Diamond - Joy Down In My Heart

All are welcome at the <>Double Diamond<>ranch. The only thing we require is the willingness to participate with an open heart. We want the parent to stay at the ranch for each session to support and witness their childs progress.

Our Horse Counselors appreciate your Donations and Thank You for partnering with us!