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God has been very faithful to His Word and is continuing to favor us with His blessings of provision.

We had a great 2014 season with many wonderful new friends coming out to minister and get ministered to. Let me try to recap the blessings which are really to many to count, however, these are some of the miracles which I would like to shout the Praises to God for. I have my Hallelujah breakdowns, dancing for joy before the Lord.

1. New doors of opportunity to minister to some very special children and horses.

2. New and old friends that came out to help on our work days.

3. Volunteers to mentor the children.

4. Volunteer to help put in garden.

These are just a few of the miracles that God did. As we pray and obey God will pour out blessings that we can't think of or imagine.

We have great expectation for what the Lord is going to do this year.